The Role of Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The NewGen Pharma is a good practice in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, as it is the process of vouching for integrity of products to meet the standard for the proposed use. It is an obligation that ensures manufacturers meet the needs of end-user needs in terms of safety, quality, efficacy, strength, reliability and durability. Quality is a benchmark of perfection for the end-user.

a wide concept that covers all aspects that collectively or individually impact the quality of the product. That is, the sum of organized arrangements that are made with the aim of ensuring pharmaceutical products are of the required quality as per the intended use.

Objectives of Quality

To offer a guarantee that the person who is administering medicine is confident that every unit will achieve the desired effect.

To protect users for products from possible accidental defect in the manufacture, design, storage as well as usage instructions.

To ensure the law is complied with to the latter.

To offer protection of the manufacturing organization.

ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14001:2004

We believe in total quality delivery. Our products are manufactured in ISO 9000 – 2001 standards. We ensure highest levels of quality at each stage of service delivery. We make all our research service initiatives according to ISO 9000 – 2001 quality standards. We are determined to improve our quality continuously for more effective service delivery. We analyze and review our quality initiatives for betterment.

Our ultramodern quality control systems and world-class research laboratories are equipped with top-in-class infrastructure and equipment.

WHO-GMP Certified

Our products are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) We are complied with WHO-GMP standards in our quality control efforts, testing methodologies and other initiatives.